When I was a kid, my father used to say to me, “You have to learn that sometimes life is just not fair.”  

My twelve-year-old self was perplexed and left asking, “Why?”

Over the years, I have always been grateful for my father’s wisdom, but I just couldn’t seem to find a way to accept the notion that life was inherently unfair.   

My journey has taken me through classrooms as a high school English teacher on the border of Mexico in Texas in the biggest drug corridor of the US to pursuing a career as a practicing lawyer in the areas of business law and estate planning, bankruptcy and debt law, and personal injury law. 

Through merging my experience as a teacher with working what I like to call “people” law, I’ve learned how to meet people as they are, where they are….face to face with the challenges and struggles they are experiencing.

Whether it was helping people form their business dreams, providing hope for those facing bankruptcy, the death of a loved one, or the frustration of not being heard by an opposing party, I have the honorable role of helping my clients through their difficult times.

And in the creative space, I work with bright and passionate entrepreneurs with the burning desire to create something big.  I have the opportunity to assist and guide them on their journeys through creating their vision, putting it into practice, and protecting their work and vision.

I guide and coach entrepreneurs to jump over the mental or physical hurdles in their way, and I teach and educate on how to draft the legal documents one need.

For the last 20 years, I have helped people achieve what they want.  

I have built a network around me that supports this vision and the vision of my clients. As a lawyer and legal guide for entrepreneurs I am able to truly help people.

Through the law, I have the power and share the power with you to protect yourself from those that would steal your hard work, or try to gum you up with red-tape, or penalize you for the unknowns.

I do this work so you can sleep at night, knowing your hard work is seen, heard, and safe.  

I do this work so you can go bigger in your life and business.

I would love to support you on your journey to greatness.

Ready to go?

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Professional Bio


Attorney Raef Granger is an Entrepreneur Coach and Speaker.  He guides entrepreneurs with their businesses and provides a legal boost.

Raef has a successful boutique law practice located in Portsmouth, N.H.  He has worked in law for over 20 years in the areas of business, estate planning, bankruptcy and credit reports.  

On the topic of speaking, he co-founded a gaming podcast The D6 Generation that has just reached over three (3) million downloads.  His current podcast Tim and Raef’s Reads airs monthly set in the style of a coffee house chat of interesting business books.

Raef is also a speaker on both legal topics and entrepreneurial minded business topics.  He has spoken in multiple states, on the radio, and most recently, shared the playbill and stage with financial guru Dave Ramsey at the Bankruptcy Law Summit hosted by the Dave Ramsey Debtor Education Team located in Ramsey Solutions Headquarters in Tennessee.

Raef educates people about credit reports here at RocketDog Reports.  Raef has Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of New Hampshire School of Law. He has a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Masters of Science in Education from SUNY Geneseo and is permanently licensed to teach Secondary Education in New York and Texas. 

He is licensed to practice law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He is a Director Consultant for BNI New Hampshire and is a Past President of BNI Seacoast Referral Connection.  He has been awarded the BNI Member of the Year for the State of N.H. and his memberships have included:  National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, NH Bar Association, Manchester and Rockingham Bar Associations, ABA, and BNI Seacoast Referral Connection.