People often ask me:  What is your specialty? 

For entrepreneurs, I help them plan, prepare, and protect their businesses and their families.  I advise on intellectual property protection like copyrights and trademarks.  And, in the process of protecting entrepreneurs, their families, and their friends, I do estate planning and handle probate matters.

The best way to exemplify my practice areas
is perhaps by example:

Business Client

I have a business client who runs a four million dollar company with eighteen employees.  As his lawyer, I act as his “in-house counsel” and his CEO advisor and handle all manner of business related tasks.  Often times, as the CEO, we have no one else to talk to, to share ideas, fears, or goals in a safe and confidential environment.  In this role, I negotiate with third parties, form entities, handle the purchase of other businesses and real estate, review insurance claims, work with the tax planner, provide strategic business counsel, work with the media, assist in raising capital, and draft the complex estate plan. 

This client often states he is very happy knowing he is protected and that he has someone in his corner seeing what he may not be seeing and looking out for him. 

Individual Client

I help many people with legal issues that do not fit into any kind of "traditional" legal category or bucket, are legally troubling and serious nonetheless.  One client needed to find the right bank to handle a very specific type of business line.  Another client needed defense against a large collection claim from a large bank.  Another had an ongoing business but they could see "the writing on the wall" and knew they needed debt workout and a new business. All of these cases had a long and deep factual history. All of these cases needed the right amount of time spent focused on the case, with the right legal research, and with the right communication to third parties.  This is what occurred and all clients stated how happy they were to have someone they could talk to that was focused on them and their legal concerns.

Estate Plan

For clients young and old, young families, and kids that are grown.  Just beginning in business or just retiring.  We make their wills, health care power of attorneys with advanced directives, and financial power of attorneys.  If you want to avoid the probate court and process we do trust drafting as well.    

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