Hey there.  So, you did it. 

You had more than just a bright idea… 

You got off the coUch and DID it!  

And, you are successful. 

So successful you have gone from fledging business owner to being
so busy you don’t know which way is up. 

You are happy that you are busy, but unsure if you are making the money you want to for all of the time you are are putting in.  You think about your business, your clients, and your “to do” list all the time.

  Sometimes even your family notices you are there at home, but you are not really “there” or, perhaps, your hobbies are starting to miss you.

Your monetary goals may be met, but at what cost? 

You haven’t been able to enjoy a night out or the time with your kids you vowed you would spend. And when you do, your best client texts you, needing a “quick” response. 

And you’re afraid that if you ignore it, you’ll risk losing your best client. 
(My answer to that may surprise you).

You realize after all these years into your business, that you are up an awful lot of late nights, early mornings, and out weekends just to “pay your bills”. 

You may begin to wonder to what end?  Or you think, “Where, exactly, am I going with this?”  Or, “I want to go in a new direction (either within or out of the business), but I'm are afraid to take the next step.”

Been there.  Felt that.   

Would it help you to know these are normal feelings for entrepreneurs?  And, not only normal, but change should occur and be done on purposefully now and again. 

The challenge is to do it “right”. 

Only you can define what is right, and I can help you get there. 

As an entrepreneur coach, I help people identify the path they are on, help them decide which path they want to get on, and guide them there.  Heck, you might even get some legal advice along the way.

I can support you in a few different ways...

In our sessions, we roll up our sleeves and usually get down to the big entrepreneurial tasks that are on your mind.  We can organize all of the tasks/ goals/ ideas that you may have rolling around in your head and get some momentum going. 

There are also week to week coaching and larger packages of entrepreneurial coaching available, which includes working with you as the leader of your team and performing DISC assessments and speaking with you and your team if interested.

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